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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I start a membership at any time of the year?

A. All memberships unless stated otherwise are annual memberships and can be started at any time.

Q. When will my membership be up for renewal?

A. Annual memberships renew on the same day of the year that they started. ie: if your membership started 6/14 then it would renew on 6/14 every year.

Q. What purchases count toward my minimum spending?

A. All food and drink purchases anywhere in the club, ( clubhouse, bar, locker rooms and halfway house) count toward your minimum spending.

Q. Do I need a tee time to golf?

A. Tee times are not required but can be made with the pro shop.

Q. How many times can I golf with my membership?

A. Equity, Annual and Associate members have unlimited golf (no green fee) for them and their spouses and minor children. Premium Social members are limited to 10 rounds (must pay green fees) of golf and participation in social events.

Q. Are golf carts required on all rounds?

A. Golf carts are only required on weekends and holidays before 1:00 pm.

Q. What is the clubhouse services that are provided?

A. This is the locker, shoe cleaning service and bag storage.

Q. My spouse does not golf or only golf occasionally do I have to pay for her Club house services?

A. No clubhouse services (locker, bag storage and shoe service) for spouse is optional.

Q. Are nonequity members eligible for assessments?

A. NO.

Q. Do I need dinner reservation to eat in the dinning room?

A. Reservations are not required.

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