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Lincolnshire Country Club

2015 Memberships Program

Unlimited Golf Membership $2,500
-Range Fee $75
-Locker / Shoe Cleaning $100
-Capital Replacement Fund Yearly $125
-Minimum monthly spending
 (12 Months)
(Per Month)
-Mill River plan included Included


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Limited Golf Membership 25 Rounds $1,000
-Range Fee $75
-Locker / Shoe Cleaning $100
-Capital Replacement Fund $50
-Minimum (12) month spending $40 (per Month)
-Mill River plan included Included

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Associate Membership Ages 21 to 35 $1,250
-Range Fee $75
-Minimum monthly spending $90
-Locker / Shoe Cleaning $100
-Mill River plan included  


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Equity Membership

-Grants the holder a voting right, an ownership interest in the properties and assets of the club. Transferable with board approval


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Corporate Membership




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Reciprocal Membership



-See Membership Chairman for Pricing ~ Call Steve Hosack at 708-672-5090


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Optional Annual Fees  
-Handicap $52
-Club Storage $125
-Spouse with unlimited plan only $300
-Spouse Large Locker/Shoe/Club Storage $200
-Spouse Small Locker/Shoe/Club Storage $175

Golf Cart Fees  
-Unlimited - Individual use only $1,600
-Unlimited - Family (limit 2) $2,300
-100 carts (Member & Family) $1,870
-50 carts (Member & Family) $990
-18 Holes $23
-9 Holes $13


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-All memberships are required to pay a $250 deposit.
-Deposits will be re-funded at the end of his or her membership.

Additional Membership Disclosures:

  1. Upgrading from a lower program can be done, 80% credit of the paid fee will applied toward the upgrade.
    (example: $1000 paid will receive $800 off the $2250 program or an additional bill of $1,450)
  2. Spouses can only be added to unlimited plans.
    Other plans require each to have an individual membership along with all fees and minimums.
  3. Minimum Spending/Annual Membership Option: For those annual members who are out of town at vacation homes more than 250 miles from Lincolnshire CC, they have the following option for their min spending. Choose the months that you will not be in town in the next contract year. In those months you will have no min spending. That min spending will then be spread over the remaining months you are at Lincolnshire. i.e.: If member is out of town for four winter months Jan, Feb, March and April they would have minimum spending not of $125 a month for 12 months but would have min spending of ($125 * 12mo $1500 /8mo) $187.50 May through Dec.

    To choose this option you must let us know what months you will be gone over 250 miles when signing your contract and your adjusted min spending will start immediately.

    Months to suspend min spending while over 250 miles from LCC _________________________

    Months to have minimum spending applied_________________________________________

    New Adjusted Min Spending for 2012 golf season __________($1,500 / months at LCC = New Adjusted Min Spending)
  4. The Lincolnshire Country Club Board of Directors reserves the right to
    change or modify these membership plans prior to your signing this agreement.

Our professional staff provides a large range of events to participate in for your golfing experience.

Foursome's on our course plays less 4 hours on weekends and 2 1/2 to 3 hours in an afternoon round.

Our private course is one of the finest golf courses in the south, please come out and see for yourself.

Champagne Brunch every Sunday through Mothers Day

Open to Public
11:00 to 2:00
Adult $19.95 Child 6 -10 yrs old $10.50 Child under 6 free

For Membership information, please contact one the following:

  • Steve Hosack-708.672.5090     PGA Golf Professional
  • Tony Izzo-708.733.0633

Additional Information

  • If program is upgraded 80% credit for amount paid on current program. If upgrading from $1,000.00 program to $2,250 program and $1,000 has been paid. Then they will get credit at 80% of the $1,000 or $800 off the $2,250 or an additional bill of $1,450.
  • Spouses can only be added to unlimited plans. You can buy a $1,000 plan for you and a $1,000 plan for your spouse but you will have two min spending.
  • Must have a signed contract for your plan with security deposit and payment made to step on the course and play.
  • $1,000 25 round plan the security deposit and $1,000 must be paid in no longer than 90 days. ie $650 down, $300in 30days and $300 in 60 days.
  • The LLC Board reserves the right to change or modify these membership plans at any time.



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